Why Dave?

Our burger tavern is named in memory of Michael’s father-in-law, Dave. A well loved family man with a passion for life, business and restaurants. We honor this passion in all that we do and continue to be inspired by him everyday.

What’s a Bagger?

No idea. It sounded good with Dave and made for an interesting conversation. We often tell folks to look for the little guy with the baggie pants.

Why a Tavern?

We wanted to create a celebrated “local” place that served fresh food, similar to early American taverns along the stagecoach trails while America was settling. What could be better than a tavern serving distinctive burgers, Belgian style hand-cut fries and local American craft beers?

Prime Rib Burgers

After countless hours of research and numerous tastings, with the help of many inspirational chefs, we found our Prime Rib Recipe. One made from a distinctive combination of perfectly seasoned sirloin, chuck and prime rib. Our burgers are fresh locally sourced from 100% grain-fed cattle with no fillers or preservatives.

We do it Belgian Style

The research behind this one is mind-blowing. After meeting a local professor in East Lansing, MI who was often referred to as “Dr. Spud,” we decided to source a very special boutique potato grown out east. Despite the fact that this particular potato is difficult to source, we would settle for nothing less.

The next challenge was actually cooking the potato to create authentic Belgian Style Fries. After endless hours of research and testing, we settled on a six-step, very labor intensive process that was well worth the effort.

By the way, we use natural, trans-fat free oils. We are different from those other places; our fries are fresh and have no fructose coating.

Meticulously Sourced Fresh Food and Recipes

The best ground turkey comes from Grand Rapids, MI. It’s all natural, contains no antibiotics, or hormones, and makes our famous turkey burger. Our buns, from a local baker friend in Detroit, are made using a thermal oil process to gently bake each bun to perfection. Inspired by a trip to Traverse City, MI, our variety of craft sodas are made with only the finest real cane sugar.

Award-winning Ashby’s Ice Cream of Shelby Township, MI, is in all of our hand-dipped shakes and floats. Our Turkey Black Bean Chili was created by our chef friend in Cincinnati, OH, a city famous for knowing a thing or two (or three) about chili.

Riding the Bar Rail

We feel like our hand-crafted burgers and fries are best paired with something that is as equally as local and just as much cared for and loved by the makers.

Enter our craft beer, wine and cocktail menu. While we don’t brew our own beer, we do take pride in bringing you the best of each local brewery where our restaurants are located. You’ll need to stop in often as our tap list is rotated regularly. If beer isn’t your thing, you can try our lineup of specialty cocktails and wine that pair just as well with our food as they do with friends.